Huzaifa Rehman



The speed of sound is the distance that sound wave travel in a given amount of time. You’ll often see the speed of sound given as 343 meters per second. But that’s just the speed of sound under a certain set of conditions, specifically, through dry air at 20 °C. The speed of sound may be very different through other matter or at other temperatures.

Speed of Sound in Different Media:

Sound waves are mechanical waves, and mechanical waves can only travel through matter. The matter through which the waves travel is called the medium (plural, media). The Table below gives the speed of sound in several different media. Generally, sound wave travel most quickly through solids, followed by liquids, and then by gases. Particles of matter are closest together in solids and farthest apart in gases. When particles are closer together, they can more quickly pass the energy of vibrations to nearby particles. 


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